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Mortgage franchises, an option for investors

Mortgage franchises, an option for investors

Published in El economista , 10 - August , 2015 abogados franquicias Opinion recommendations and legal news

Purchase financing for a home is not something to be taken lightly; This alternative offers the opportunity to provide guidance on the matter and put credits, which can be converted to this format into a successful business.

Deciding how to acquire a mortgage can be tortuous, but necessary, because it is a very long-term loan to generate a heritage, so it is essential to have proper advice.

In this sense, franchises are now one of the business formats that allow the investor to develop their own company, using their experience and knowledge to guide people through the acquisition of loans, with the backing of a prestigious brand.

The advice they offer is aimed at being able to choose the most suitable credit product among those offered by banks and its management, as this financial product is not the same for everyone. It also provides advice to real estate and developers about the different options available in the financial market, to boost the placement of their most useful properties generándoles.

This is not quantum physics, but these teams understand processes, time and costs of the transaction which involves acquiring a mortgage. Many people who want a home, do not think of having a backup for down payment or taxes and other additional costs, which can be countered with a person who knows the legal, technical and financial aspect, says Jose Luis Salazar, director of Business Creditaria.

Growth expectations for the sector are very favorable, added the specialist, as is benefiting from low interest rates ranging between 8 and 12 percent.

Whether you want to break into the industry as a mortgage franchise consultant or seek a loan through them, you need to consider the following points:

An investment option

For investors, this sector is entering a good option to diversify your portfolio, as it does not suffer a significant variation, and also have attractive investment returns; The lease gives 20% annual return, said the specialist Creditaria.

For those wishing to invest in the sector, he adds, they are other benefits as their high revolving and low costs. In addition, a more sophisticated infrastructure that provide Internet service, telephone, a multifunctional, computer and, of course, knowledge of the property market is not required; with this, he suggested a plan that allows you to have guarantees of success.

The franchise usually offer a certain percentage of funding and, depending on the profits that has the property, the lender will get another, Hence our responsibility to the investor, as if he also wins us: that´s the point.

First budgeted, do not choose

One of the main problems perceived Salazar in acquiring mortgages is great ignorance in the choice of the lender and the amount of credit as the property itself and additional costs.

People get carried away by advertising; we are a sector which suffers from training and buyers sometimes do not is clear that for a long-term financing, such as the mortgage, it is important to have a backup as insurance, and that there are more specialized products that may match what you are looking for by their liquidity, or will undertake construction, renovation or expansion of work he says.

In this sense, a very common mistake that experts emphasize is that a property is chosen first and then see how afford, so they resort to loans that are not commensurate with their ability to pay; it is advisable to review your financial situation and the time you want your financing, among other items for which the advice is essential.

There are products, for example, called purchase construction on the loan for a lot in the soil and the construction process included is granted; this allows reduce the project cost and have a house worth 2.5 million pesos cost 2 million in its construction. This also reduces the taxes and have a higher added value; I have to find projects that fit into your budget, he said.

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