We are a firm of specialist lawyers in distribution and franchise law.

Our work in the area of ​​Franchises and Distribution, leads us to assist and advise, both judicially and extrajudicially, to numerous franchising companies and also franchisees, having been part of the Committee of Legal Experts of the Spanish Association of Franchisors and having carried out the Legal Advice of the Aragonese Association of Franchisors.

Our extensive experience has been rewarded internationally resulting in our office

lawyer chosen by Corporate INTL Magacine LEGAL AWARD 2010 in the category

"Office of the year in Spain in Right of Distribution and Franchising"

Office of the year in Spain in Right of Distribution and Franchising

Invest in franchises can secure the future

Invest in franchises can secure the future

Published in Panorama , 09 - August , 2015 abogados franquicias Opinion recommendations and legal news

Every successful investment needed to fulfill a verification protocol, contrast and prior analysis, to ensure the safety of the money will be well-protected and which will bear fruit in the short term. As the franchise system is chain play a successful business model, some of the doubts are cleared.

Many are protected under the umbrella brand franchise and enjoy worldwide prestige. In the area of ​​health, the services of immediate medical care, primary care, therapy systems and derivatives such as laboratories have entered the market with good results given the high demand for these services always have, and because they are looking for, like with the food industry, the quality is excellent, according to international standards.

THERAFORCE, specializing in the area of ​​health and rehabilitation in the state of Florida, USA company provides specialized franchises in physical and occupational therapy, breaking into an investment opportunity on the quality of these services, offering benefits as all guidance for setting a project abroad with all the guarantees.

The benefits are achieved when participating in a franchise are entering a business in which we receive know how of those who know how to operate it. Hence, a company that has achieved commercial success in a specific business area, transmitted to another independent entrepreneur all his expertise and experience of the original business, including the use of its trademarks and distinctive symbols.

Additionally, there are franchises with special needs expansion, which may even offer job opportunities abroad, regarding accompanying documentation and support business growth with a significant improvement in the quality of life of the franchisor.

That is why THERAFORCE associated with BRANDTHINK agency based in Caracas and Miami will be in the Zulia capital next August 14 with the free seminar Living In America ​​in two papers: 9am and 2pm at the Hotel Maruma Maracaibo, where will the participation of an immigration lawyer and attendees can answer their questions and mobilizing investment to a country like the United States.

Find out more details here: http://www.theraforce.com/

Invertir en franquicias puede asegurar el futuro

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