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Office of the year in Spain in Right of Distribution and Franchising

In 10 years franchise market grew 1,000% in Peru

In 10 years franchise market grew 1,000% in Peru

Published in CrónicaViva , 08 - September , 2015 abogados franquicias Franchises from abroad

Among the markets to where you have more Peruvian franchises have penetrated Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Spain, United States, just to mention some of the destinations of these Peruvian companies, he said.

Muñoz also highlighted the presence of foreign franchises that entered the Peruvian market with some success and in recent years have earned a place among Peruvian consumers.

We are a country that is growing, with moderate rates despite the global crisis, supported by a middle class that consumes, making Peru in an important consumer market, he said.

About Claudia Soto, commercial representative of the Swiss company Glice Peru, he said that this European company seeks business partners in Peru to disseminate their entertainment products.

We bring you entertainment project tracks the dissemination of ecological ice skating, which requires no water or electricity, because it is a special material that has all the characteristics of the ice rink  he said.

Soto said that the Peruvian market has attracted the interest of European franchises as Glice, which operates in this country with Peru Glice representation, which has been well received on the first day of the International Fair enLima franchises.

It´s an opportunity to meet new markets and we want to offer our products to the Peruvians, because we consider it a growing market and here there are many business opportunities, he said.

Market expansion franchise has turned Peru into a platform for doing business that can be capitalized through the International Franchise Fair, which takes place every year in Lima.

En 10 años mercado de franquicias creció 1,000% en Perú

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