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Do you want to put a franchise? Do you have 30 days to get credit

Do you want to put a franchise? Do you have 30 days to get credit

Published in El Financiero , 11 - August , 2017 abogados franquicias Franchises from abroad

If it has happened in your mind to put a franchise with cost less than 70 thousand pesos, this could be your opportunity, the Inadem opened a call for financing and there are only 30 days left to participate. Here the details.

If you are interested in having your own micro-franchise with a cost lower than 70 thousand pesos, currently the National Institute of Entrepreneurs (Inadem) has open a call to access resources and be able to apply to obtain some with those currently working.

In the portal of Inadem explains that there are exactly 30 days to apply to the program in progress, there is even a tutorial on video where he explains the steps to follow and everything is done directly with them to request the amount to open the micro franchise, Which can fund up to 70 percent.

This link explains the general steps to follow, as well as the 01-800 4-INADEM (462336) or if you live in Mexico City locally can obtain information on the 5229-6100.

The 30 days that they have are to be able to access the support that is of national coverage, but one of the requirements is to have as an individual the Advanced Electronic Signature of the Tax Administration Service to submit their requests for support to participate in the Category IV. Programs for MSMEs, under the call 4.2 Business Training and Microfranchises.

In this portal are registered some microfranquicias that have a cost less than 50 thousand pesos, ranging from a mechanical workshop to exchange express oil, another design of closets and avant-garde furniture, a further sale of targets and food, among others Require minimum investment.

The showcase of microfranquicias in the portal is not so extensive, however for next month in September, will be launched the National Entrepreneur Week in which will also be presented this type of microfranchises and a variety of options to have their own business, Which as every year access will be free.

In the note published by El Financiero "Invest in a franchise with less than 70 thousand pesos" Jacobo Buzali, president of the Mexican Association of Franchises, considered that in the coming months and years will increase demand for this type of franchises low Cost, however, clarifies "it is important to note that these types of franchises are basically self-employment and it is not properly a franchise as we know it today"

"The amount of investment of this type of franchise is around 50 thousand pesos up to 70 thousand and serve for people to have their" own business "and although they receive comprehensive training on how to grow it, will depend without a place Doubts about the market's response and the proper location of the business, this last point is fundamental for microfranchising an adequate return of investment to the person.

Héctor Alcázar, director of the Alcázar & Compañía Consultants' Linkage, believes that "people who lose their jobs or who have been liquidated find in this franchise model an opportunity to have a monthly income at a low investment cost."

In Mexico there are several options to invest, however, this model is promoted directly by the National Institute of Entrepreneurs (INADEM) and it is necessary to consult the 4.2 call which allows to lower resources up to 50 thousand pesos.

The microfranchises sector is broad and in various sectors, from travel agencies, car wash (without water), self-service carts for offices, advertising to micro enterprises, beauty salons, food, among others.

¿Quieres poner una franquicia? Tienes 30 días para conseguir crédito

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