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Amazon launches its own logistics franchise to weaken courier companies

Amazon launches its own logistics franchise to weaken courier companies

Published in marketingdirecto.com , 27 - July , 2018 abogados franquicias Franchises from abroad

Amazon is preparing to deliver the coup de grace to courier and parcel companies with the launch in the United States of its own franchise.

Amazon seems an all-powerful company, which does not depend on anything or anyone to succeed. His catalog "from A to Z" and the simplicity of his purchasing processes suggest that Jeff Bezos' company is almost indestructible. But everyone has a weak point. The Amazon? Its obvious dependence on courier and parcel companies.

The e-commerce giant has decided to build a logistics network in Spain thanks to smaller partners, given the enormous pressure being exerted by companies such as Seur or Correos. Before the annoyances generated, Amazon preferred to drop the big ones to trust the small ones (and their scarce capacity of pressure). But the dependency is still there.

Now, the multinational wants to take the bull by the horns. Amazon launches a franchise under which anyone can set up their own messaging service, always under the umbrella of the company, according to ElConfidencial.com. But, for the moment, this blow on the table will only occur in the United States, although it can not be ruled out that it ends up landing in other markets.

From Amazon Spain, they have stated the following: "We already have excellent traditional transport partners and we have the need to develop even more capacity thanks to the growing demand from customers. Therefore, Amazon is excited to present in the United States a new offer to help entrepreneurs to create their own business. "

"As we thought about how to innovate to support our growth, we went back to our roots to empower entrepreneurs: building their own delivery business and developing with the growing wave of e-commerce in order to complement the ability to accelerate deliveries for customers".
In the US, Amazon has had frequent friction with UPS, so it has devoted a long time to strengthen its own logistics network, with a distribution subsidiary that only handles the orders of its website. Now, with this new franchise, any entrepreneur can set up his company and integrate it into the network.

The system that would be used would be very similar to any other franchise. Amazon would offer everything necessary to start the company, such as renting vans with their logo, uniforms and other delivery materials. It would also make available to franchisees training programs, access to subsidies and discounts on fuel, among others. Of course, to enter the program must pay $ 10,000 and maintain certain requirements. Among them, use the reting vans exclusively for Amazon.

The e-commerce giant has recently launched Amazon Flex, a program that allows individuals to distribute with their own vehicles and that in Spain has been articulated on the basis of freelancers, offering as many doubts as legal loopholes. The unions compared this model with that of companies that are insulted, such as Glovo or Deliveroo.

Amazon lanza su propia franquicia de logística para debilitar a las empresas de mensajería

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